Wicker park sex scene

You Think You Got These Images? Don’t Be Drunk, If You Don’t Want To Be A Meme On The Internet! The title refers to the Wicker Park neighborhood on Chicago’s near northwest side. Matt Simon, a young advertising executive, returns to Chicago with his fiancée, Rebecca, after spending the last two years in New York.

He bumps into his old friend Luke on the way into a meeting at a restaurant, in preparation for a business trip to China. Once inside, Matt thinks he overhears Lisa, the beautiful dancer he was in love with two years before, who had vanished overnight. A key card which the woman leaves at the restaurant leads Matt to a hotel, where he finds Lisa’s silver compact and an article marked in a newspaper. He leaves a note for Lisa at the restaurant bar, borrows Luke’s car, and trails the man from the newspaper article to an apartment.

There Matt discovers a note to Lisa under the door, with her key enclosed. The apartment is deserted, but he leaves Lisa a note himself, to meet him in Wicker Park, and keeps the key. The next day, after waiting in vain at Wicker Park, Matt goes back to the apartment and is caught by a woman who is also named Lisa. She says the apartment is hers, but she has a coat and red-soled shoes with a broken heel identical to Lisa’s—shoes that came from Luke’s shop, where Lisa first met Matt. She says that she was at the hotel because the man in the newspaper was stalking her, and asks Matt to stay the night. Luke persuades Matt to come with him that night to see Alex perform in Twelfth Night.

She is unrecognizable in stage makeup, but panics after she sees Matt in the audience with Luke. Matt returns to the apartment, feels the real Lisa’s presence in spite of its emptiness, and spends the night. Matt calls Luke, she answers the phone then drops it in a panic. Luke, and follows him into the restaurant to finally meet Alex, the girl Luke is in love with.