Ucc sex scandal

A very worrying video has surfaced on social media about a young woman who was forcefully taken advantage of by a man parading himself as a man of God and has spiked a lot of emotions on social media. The video which saw the little girl’s face censored revealed that the supposed man of God had his way with the young lady in his room and ucc sex scandal to put her in a garbage truck should she mention the matter to her mother.

In recounting the incident, the little girl, who was oblivious of what the man was doing to her revealed that she was thrown unto a mattress and bled at a point. The little girl whose identity has been hidden for security reasons shockingly added that the alleged pastor wiped her blood with presumably, a handkerchief and gagged her from making any noise to attract the suspicion of outsiders. The victim of this unfortunate ordeal described the horrifying experience in minute detail even though it was terrifying to say the least. The glimmer of hope in the matter is that, the little girl, revealed that she knew the identity and whereabouts of the supposed man of God and could point him out in public. Many people who have seen the video have reacted angrily and have chastised the so-called pastor for having his way with the young lady. It is yet to be ascertained if the said pastor has been arrested even though the video has been heavily shared across many social media platforms.

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