The ikea sex party

So while we figure out if this roommate request of theirs is long-term enough to warrant a new bed purchase, I’ve been pinning and pining over cool bunk bed ideas. Should we buy two sets and incorporate a place to play underneath one? Or would the second set be better used for sleepovers with our neighborhood friends? Would we add storage underneath to elevate the lower bunk or keep it at ground level for my littlest girl?

She’s happily married and happily mama and living in the Twin Cities with her husband and two girls. Simon’s step by step guide to shopping at IKEA Hello, my name is Simon and I love IKEA so much, I want to marry it. Can you believe the prices on glass tea light holders? Here is my simple step by step guide to buying a sofa from IKEA.

Some people may think purchasing a sofa would be a simple exercise but with determination and a little planning, you can ensure that it is a painful process. Step 1 Ring David at 7. 40am and ask him if he will come to IKEA with you. It is important to ring this early as David will be disorientated and agree to anything. Step 2 Ring David again at 8. 05am to check that he got up as getting to IKEA early is imperative.

This twenty five minute interval will ensure that if David did get up, he will be in the shower when you call. 15 to enquire where he is and ask him to get you a large latte on the way. If he declines, tell him not to be a selfish prick and remind him of the time you fed his fish while he was away six years ago. Step 3 When David arrives, inform him that you are taking his car because it is bigger. This is also the time to inform him that you are buying a sofa and he will need to rent a trailer on the way.