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Nearly the whole scene of the Battle of the Fist of the First Men is omitted in the TV series. He did send out ravens, but only two of them carried a message. Those who remained in Castle Black received Sam’s message. Only Grenn and Small Paul remain with him. Soon, the three fall behind the rest of the survivors, and a white walker attacks them. Sam kills it, earning himself the nickname “Sam the Slayer”.

Ghost is not present during the battle, as he is with Jon Snow. Most of the remaining brothers of the Night’s Watch were all on┬áhorseback after their escape. In the books,┬áRast was never present at the Fist of the First Men as he remained a recruit and stayed at Castle Black. The wildling spears are all tipped with metal points, while in the novels, they are are simple, fire-hardened, sharpened poles.

In the behind-the-scenes featurettes, the production team explains that most of the wildlings actually do carry weapons made of only sharpened wood or bone because they don’t have enough knowledge of metallurgy to make their own. In the novels, giants wear no clothing, they are covered in shaggy fur pelts like mammoths. They are much more like descriptions of a Sasquatch or yeti. In the novels, when Jon Snow enters Mance Rayder’s tent, Mance is singing a song, which makes Jon think of him as a singer and not the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Jon does not kneel before Tormund in the books. While Mance is glad Qhorin is dead, he is also sad about Qhorin’s death since Qhorin was once Mance’s friend.