Sex with handcuffs

Pornstar Legends has the largest online database of pornstars from the 70’s, 80’s, sex with handcuffs’s and today! See all of your favorite stars in photos and hardcore porn movies! Even so, rememeber that handcuffs are employed for temporary restraint. Which means that if you are left alone in handcuffs, you can escape.

If you don’t know how to do it, then this article is exactly what you need. Freeing yourself from handcuffs can save lives or get you a court-appointed lawyer. Exercise sound judgement as to when to use and when not to use this skill. After learning about restraint escape kits and how to carry them, how to use restraint escape gear is the next skill you should train. If SEALs can be captured, so can you! More than anything else, executing a restraint escape takes practice. Clearly, the decision to use this skill is very situation-dependent.

As is the case with many of the survival skills, freeing yourself from handcuffs could potentially save lives, cost them or worse, so be sure you understand and carefully weigh the potential consequences before attempting to do so. I don’t think you should teach people to escape double-locked handcuffs because criminals only single lock them and LEO’s double lock them. The idea that less information makes people safer is a slippery slope. Whether software, hardware, safety equipment or security equipment, it is better to expose security flaws and limitations to the average consumer, voter or shareholder so they can be corrected, making the things that protect us more effective. It is reckless to assume that anyone who might illegally restrain you must be stupid and uneducated. SEALs are Issued Bobby Pins I have heard a lot of big talk and bluster from self-proclaimed death machines about how they will never be taken prisoner or walk away from a fight. I guess death machines must bore their enemies to death.

One day, I noticed that a request for proposal for SERE kits for one of the SEAL teams included a lot of the same gear that I carry, including bobby pins. In trained hands, they can shim handcuffs, pick handcuffs, act as a reach tool for handcuff keys, pick locks, tension locks, push a friction saw past tight flex cuffs or duct tape and have many more restraint escape applications. Before you decide you are too hard or too righteous to ever possibly need to escape, consider this: If SEALs can be captured, you can too. SEALs carry tools to execute a last-ditch escape plan. Anyone can Buy Handcuffs One does not need to be a law enforcement officer to buy handcuffs. All they need is a few bucks of credit and a heartbeat. Under the circumstances, you are wrong thinking that you’re safe!

Still some people are more prone than others to get into this kind of situations. Who Are People with High Risk of Illegal Restraint? While many Americans think that the risk of restraint-related crime is too low to justify learning to escape, the US is only ever one congressional vote away from becoming the newest banana republic and one cyberattack, EMP, financial collapse or Black Swan away from sliding back to third world status. Also, when assessing risk, considering the probability of occurrence, but ignoring your exposure to the risk is a recipe for disaster. Where I live in the US, the rate of violent crime is very low, but the fact that so many people own or carry firearms helps keep it that way.

In Brazil, it’s just the opposite. Home invasion and related crimes involving illegal restraint are on the rise, with groups even crossing state lines to perpetrate crimes. Kidnapping for ransom, lighting kidnappings and politically-motivate crimes involving illegal restraint are significant risks in some parts of the world, especially for Americans. I spend months at a time in parts of Brazil and travel to other countries where illegal restraint is a significant threat, and often precedes homicide.

With high visibility, comes elevated risk. If criminals try to restrain you during a crime and transport you from a populated area, your chances of survival drop to single digits, whereas 6 in 7 victims shot with a handgun in a US city survive. You may be much better off making a run for it in this situation. Whether working overseas or on active duty, military personnel are high value targets for politically and religiously-motivated crimes.