Sex with cleopatra

The film was a commercial failure. In the far future, three humans—Jiro, Harvey, and Mary—discover that an alien race called the Pasateli intends to conquer humankind by the mysterious “Cleopatra plan”. Through the use of a time machine, the three transport their minds into the bodies of members of the historical Cleopatra’s court to discover and stop the plan. Harvey, however, vows to use the opportunity to secure the title of the greatest lover who ever lived by having sex with Cleopatra.

In the middle of the Roman conquest of Egypt, a group of Egyptians secretly plot a rebellion to overthrow Julius Caesar. The group plans to send Cleopatra to first seduce and then murder Caesar. The Romans discover the group and attack them. Cleopatra escapes, along with her handmaidens Lybia and Apollodoria. Cleopatra goes to an ancient wizard, who magically grants her an irresistibly seductive body for her mission. It is at this point that the Jiro, Harvey, and Mary arrive: Mary is now Lybia, and Harvey finds himself in the body of the wizard’s pet leopard Rupa, thwarting his plans to seduce Cleopatra.

They accompany Cleopatra to meet Caesar, who is so overcome by her beauty that he makes her queen of Egypt. Jiro finds himself in the body of Ionius, a Greek man captured and enslaved by the Romans. Cleopatra, however, has had a change of heart and keeps putting off the assassination in favor of sex. They accompany Caesar back to Rome, just in time for him to be assassinated by his own senators.

Octavian—soon to be called Augustus Caesar—takes command. Cleopatra tries to continue the plan by seducing Augustus, only to find that he is homosexual and impervious to her charms. The time travelers return to the future and report that the Cleopatra plan is a scheme by the Pasateli to assume the form of beautiful human women to seduce and destroy Earth’s most powerful male leaders. The Pasateli have already taken their human forms and are poised to strike when this information arrives, but Earth is able to root them out and save the world in time. In 1972, Mushi Productions, who made the film, accepted a deal with Xanadu Productions, a small company, to release an English-dubbed version in the United States to try to save themselves from bankruptcy. Howard Thompson of The New York Times said it was basically a movie that involved “mostly a voluptuously drawn Cleopatra and a bevy of cuties that trot around bare breasted.