Sex weakens legs

Do you think that your one leg is shorter than the other? Differences in leg sex weakens legs, shoes sizes, and eyeglasses prescriptions are common.

What matters is the extent of the difference. Should you be worried about one leg longer than the other? You should seek help if the difference is significant. This condition is also referred to as leg length asymmetry. Symptoms Some people have insignificant discrepancies in leg lengths, which may not cause back pains.

In such cases, the difference is below 5 millimeters. Any difference above 5 millimeters will cause lower back pains. If the difference is above 9 millimeters, your risk of suffering an episode of pains in your lower back is six times greater. 2 Types of One Leg Longer than the Other There are two kinds of conditions where one leg is longer than the other. Each of these classifications is outlined in this section. Structural Short Leg Syndrome This condition occurs when legs have actual differences in length. These differences are caused by differences in the length of fibula and tibia bones that are located in the lower leg.