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Sex therapist mississauga must adapt quickly to disappointments, shock and traumas, physical pain, and other tremendous emotional and psychological imbalances in our environments. It isn’t easy to keep up with the changes!

Crystals are particularly good at helping us adapt to changes in energy frequencies created through stressful situations. Having a large crystal in a room can also help reduce stress, by reducing negative energies and harmonizing imbalanced energy patterns. The effects of crystal healing at the emotional and psychological levels are subtle, yet are often noticed more by others than yourself! I have listed ten crystals and gemstones that are useful in healing stress. Amethyst helps you think and act at your highest level. Wear an Amethyst pendant continuously for migraine prevention and for alleviating arthritic pain.

Keep a piece in your wallet to enrich your holdings. It can help stabilize emotions and soothe family problems. Citrine is also good for improving stress-related digestive problems. Quatrz is an excellent general physical system fortifier and protector. Hold a clear crystal at your solar plexus and breath evenly for several minutes to calm your emotions, to relax the body, to clear the mind, and to refresh your energy. For asthma, wear the green coloured Fluorite.

Garnet is excellent for strengthening the base chakra. It helps increase circulation to the legs and pelvic area. It reduces menstrual pain when held or taped over the ovaries and uterus. Garnet can increase sexual stimulation and fertility too! Hematite dissolves the issues when one meets with confrontation. Tape a small piece over the leg and back areas to reduce pain and to increase electromagnetic circulation.

It helps to detoxify the liver and to increase blood circulation. Malachite is excellent for breaking up old energy patterns. Use it with Rose Quartz to soften the effects of a broken heart! Place a large chunk of the stone at your Heart Centre for 15 minutes to relax after a stressful day.