Sex talk for women

Sex Talk Realness: Women’s Masturbation Habits “I’m usually thinking about my boyfriend or Benedict Cumberbatch. For this week’s Sex Talk Realness, Cosmopolitan. Woman B: Roughly four sex talk for women six times a week.

Woman C: Several times a week. Depending on how I feel, up to two times each day. Where and when do you do it? Woman A: On days off, when I’ve got the house to myself. I stick primarily to the bedroom, simply to keep the pets out.

Woman B: I usually feel most comfortable in my bedroom because I love my bed and all my sex toys are already in there. Most frequently I do it in the evening or before bed, but since I work from home, I basically do it whenever the mood strikes. Woman C: Almost always in my bed. I’m lucky enough to work from home so I can take advantage of my “commute” to masturbate on my breaks or during lunch. Woman D: I masturbate in my bed or in the bathtub. Masturbation is part of my evening routine: call mom, brush my teeth, masturbate, and then fall asleep. Are you in a relationship currently?

Woman B: Yes, for about six months. Woman C: I am married and currently pursuing another potential partner. Does your partner know how much you masturbate, or do you downplay it? Woman A: He probably assumes I masturbate more than I actually do. Woman B: He does know and he likes it. He told me once that it makes him feel good to know that I can please myself if he’s at work and I’m in the mood.

He also likes that I feel comfortable telling him about it. Woman C: I don’t hide it, but I don’t tell him every time, unless I want to send a sexy text while he’s at work. Woman D: I am very honest about my sexuality. I tend to want more sex than my partners do, and frequent masturbation helps to even the playing field a bit. I don’t feel embarrassed or shy about masturbating.

Do you masturbate more or less often when you’re in a relationship? Woman B: Probably about the same. Woman C: Less, since what would be masturbating can be sex sometimes. What do you think about when you masturbate? Woman A: Often I think of my partner, sex we’ve had, sex I’d like to have.