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The Enid are a British progressive rock band founded in 1973 by former Barclay James Harvest collaborator Robert John Godfrey. Sex pistols anarchy in uk hq live Enid’s membership has since undergone several changes, always with Godfrey at the helm.

Godfrey has described bouts of depression associated with periods of writer’s block. As of 2017, the band are currently recording and touring. The Enid began recording at about the same time as punk rock burst upon the music scene. The band’s fifth album, Something Wicked This Way Comes, released in 1983, was the first Enid album to feature lyrics, which were written by then-drummer Chris North and sung in a mock-operatic style by Godfrey. The release was a concept album dealing with the threat of nuclear warfare and the various ways in which people respond to it.

The Enid released no full-length albums between 1997 and 2010, when Journey’s End was released, although 2009’s Arise and Shine featured newly remixed and partly re-recorded tracks from previous albums plus one preview of a Journey’s End track. In December 2012, the band’s thirteenth album Invicta was voted 9th in The Guardian’s “Readers’ albums of 2012” poll, with “The One and the Many” placed 6th in the “Readers’ tracks of 2012” category. In June 2013, it was revealed that the band’s sole-remaining founding member Robert John Godfrey had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and that as a result he will retire from the band in the near future. However, the band intends to continue, with Godfrey’s consent, following his departure. Bullock, Payne, guitarists Jason Ducker and Max Read, drummer Dave Storey, and new bassist Josh Judd.

Read and Storey had also decided to leave The Enid, and that the band now consisted of Bullock, Ducker, and returning drummer Dominic Tofield. In April 2018 Godfrey announced his return to the band for reasons of problems within the band and his better condition. In fact, it was suspected that the original Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis was flawed. On April 2018 The Enid consists of two members, Godfrey and Duccer, and they are working on the new album Homily, which earlier was intended to be released as Godfrey’s solo album.

In addition to traditional vinyl and CD releases, in the late 1990s the band also pioneered the production of “Bespoke CDs” – mail-order custom compilation CD-Rs containing rare tracks chosen by listeners from a catalogue. This service was discontinued after a couple of years. In the 2001 the band formed a marketing agreement with Inner Sanctum that saw most of the band’s back-catalogue being reissued on that label. However, in 2009 they announced that Inner Sanctum was illegally attempting to take control of the band’s name and copyrights. The Enid’s official website later carried further details of the dispute as it concerned some of the band’s earlier recordings.

The site states that in 2010 Inner Sanctum released illegal bootlegs of the original EMI versions of In the Region of the Summer Stars and Aerie Faerie Nonsense. In March 2006 Godfrey announced on the band’s website that he would shortly be making its entire back catalogue available for free download as high-quality mp3s. Godfrey wrote: “The purpose of this is to make sure that The Enid’s music reaches as many people as possible and does not entirely disappear when I am dead. In 2012 The Enid released their thirteenth studio album Invicta. 14th April 2010 at The Lodge Studio in Northampton”, Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Robert John Godfrey and The Enid: 70th Birthday Concert”.

Max Read, Chronology, The Enid website. Early albums did not include any lyrics due to the suicide of founding vocalist Peter Roberts on New Year’s Day 1975, during the recording sessions for the band’s debut album “In the Region of the Summer Stars”. The band considered Roberts’ to be irreplaceable at that time, and had opted not to include any vocals on their material. Best albums and tracks of 2012: readers’ choice”. BBC News – Dementia diagnosis for The Enid’s Robert John Godfrey”. The War With Innersanctum and Gerald Palmer”. Men are four times more likely to get cancer from oral sex than women due to their weaker immune systems, a scientist claims.