Sex on fifth date

You may need to burn it directly to a CD or use third-party software to view its contents. The Baen CDs hosted here are freely-distributable disks provided to promote the sale of the books sex on fifth date within.

Baen allows these CDs to be distributed not simply to provide free electronic copies of their books, but to generate sales for those same books. They are a medium of advertising. These CDs are generally available bound into the first edition of the books they are titled for. Please remember that just because these books are being provided at no cost does not mean that they are in the Public Domain. Just because Baen isn’t asking for any money for these copies doesn’t mean that they are giving up any of their copyrights.

For more freely downloadable Baen books, visit the Baen Free Library. While these CDs are provided to commercially promote Baen, there is no financial gain for me, the hosting-guy. Having issues with my rewrite rules. Trying to keep 404 response down.