Sex in public laws

This article is part two of a three-part series entitled Sex Laws in Thailand. This second installment explores Thai sex laws and their application to the local sex industry including go-go bars and saunas. Part One deals with US sex crime laws under the Protect Act and the prosecution of US citizens engaging in illegal sexual activities in Thailand. There are a number of attractions that Sex in public laws offers to residents and visitors alike: a booming medical tourism business, eco-tourism, friendly people and delicious food.

Nevertheless, like many destinations, Thailand has an x-rated side that is—depending on whom you talk to—infamous or famous. This seeming contradiction is evident in Bangkok’s nefarious Pat-Pong entertainment district:  shady touts lurk in the corners selling illegal yet standard pornographic DVDs while wild sex-shows are openly advertised next door. Such practices have played an important part in the shaping of local attitudes towards prostitution, helping to create an ambiguous view towards extra-marital relations, as well as prostitution in its broadest terms. While many imagine foreign men dominating the notorious Thai go-go bars and massive massage parlor complexes, that is not necessarily the case.

According to surveys, the vast majority of those that frequent prostitutes are Thai men and that on any given day at least 450,000 Thai men partake in the services of prostitutes. Over the years, the Kingdom’s vibrant sex-industry has received varying levels of protection from its most loyal of customers, Thai men. Both the international and local media reported widely on the close relationships between brothel mangers, local police, businessmen, and politicians. Prostitution in Thailand is clearly illegal. The Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act, B. The penalty for violating this part of the law is up to one month imprisonment, a fine of up to 1,000 baht or both. This figure does not take into account the number of males working as prostitutes for female customers.

Asia Times, Thai sex tycoon rubs cops the wrong way, 23 Jul 2003. Please load GD extension in your php. Free MEMBER ZONE for all ! Get the Flash Player to see this video.