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Contacting Android Customer Service Center Android is a cell phone operating system owned and developed by Google. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Choose the contact information you need to reach the customer service department that can answer your question. Phone Contact Numbers There are lots of phone numbers listed for Android customer service, but most are actually phone numbers for companies selling Android devices like Motorola or HTC. Android is a Google product, so if you truly have questions about the product, contact Google. This number is for the corporate office.

The agent who answers your call will be more than happy to move your call to the proper Android support line. Customer Service Email Android customer service emails are limited to the development and open source aspects of the business. We’ve also listed the Twitter and Google Plus pages for the Android app. You can use these pages to ask general questions about Android. Our Experience The Android customer service phone number is the Google corporate. The automated system lists the available choices for routing your call. You can press 5 to reach the customer service department.

Google claims they don’t currently offer live customer support, which could make it hard to reach a representative, but if you know the extension for the Google employee you can enter it at the beginning of the call. April 20, 2013 both my cell phone and my Kindle Fire lost the bellsouth. Verizon states that it is not their problem as everything else on the phone works. My android device had screen problem such that I tried drawing the password I was using it failed many times and it requested an email address and a password,i tried putting a gmail adress am it failed.

The phone I currently use is HTC Sensation with android 4. Sorry if I message like dis. If u have android phn its not ur carriers fault. Android put droid blocks on all their phns. Ive always been able to access youtube frm phn icon or internet until few months ago. A tech f google who is a friend of mine told me about the Droid block. Frnd said adnriid is supposedlt chexking out the issue.

A13 tablet pc is screen lock. It do not accept the user and password I’ve entered. This morning a plugged my android phone in for about half an hour 45 minutes prehaps. I took it off the charger to text my friend. Suddenly, my phone turns off by itself.

After a long time, the usual little jingle to show the phone is on rings, but when I tried to slide the lock open to access the home screen, the phone wouldnt respond and shut off. I tried to turn it back on, but the light stayed black. Some applications from android market are not working in my Android phone and the same app works in my friends device even both of our device having android version 2. I did not get a manual for my Android Ematic tablet and I was wondering if you could mail me a manual for it. I need to know how to download or sync music or pictures to it.

Hey, I you do have great products but am having a problem with my android tablet 4. 4 The camera version 1 is no longer working kindly help? I have a pandigital android tablet I have owned for a year and a half. I am great with working with electronics but I have a problem with this tablet, I have tried everything I know and it stays on the start up screen. If it even goes past the start up screen it stays black and responds only to the power and volume buttons. Is there a way to remove the photo ID on Gallexy s 3 text screen after kit Kat update?