Sex dream hypnosis

Why is a section on hypnosis included in the study of N2O conscious sedation? The answer is because the use of suggestion is an essential part of the proper and effective use of Sex dream hypnosis for conscious sedation.

Iatrosedation, sedation produced without the use of chemicals or drugs, is as old as mankind. We have all seen a mother of an injured or frightened child soothe and comfort it with repeated gentle strokes and words of reassurance, and quickly the hurt disappears. Hypnosis, or at least the use of hypnosis-like methods, can be traced back thousands of years. Greek and Egyptian priests used hypnosis techniques over two thousand years ago in the treatment of various ailments. The rhythms, music, ritualistic dances and tribal rites of primitive societies are known to induce a trance-like state similar to hypnosis.

The American Indian tribal dance is a well illustrated example of mental preparation that provided single direction focus for the upcoming battle. The evolution of modern hypnosis began in 1773 when Friedrich Anton Mesmer, an Austrian physician working with Maximilian Hell, the royal astronomer in Vienna, used magnets in the treatment of several cases of hysteria. Hell believed the magnetism caused the cure, while Mesmer felt it was a “redistribution of some sort of fluid” which he later called “animal magnetism” to distinguish it from “mineral” magnetism. Mesmer moved to Paris in 1778 and soon developed a very successful practice treating neurotics which produced a high percentage of cures. In the middle 1800’s, Mesmer’s theories of magnetism were discredited. However, an English physician, James Braid became interested in the use of suggestion and believed it was the true cause of Mesmer’s cures.