Satanic sex stories

You’ll recall from my earlier story, “Devilish Cruelty”, that my wife had discovered that she was something of a pain slut, and had found that abuse, both physical and verbal excited her tremendously. You’ll also recall how we watched the movie on TV, and became inspired to have me talk about all sorts of Satanic and Devilish things for my wife. I know that I’satanic sex stories gone a bit overboard in advertising my wife along those lines on the net sex sites, but I’d been feeling so horny at the time and besides that, I got the impression that my wife was really excited when I told her what I’d done. Well, it so happened, as it does with most of these sorts of postings, that there was an initial flurry of replies from people interested only in writing for a few cheap thrills, and then the message began to languish and slowly slide down the list of postings.

It was quite some weeks later, long after the posting had disappeared from the current pages of the personal columns, that a message came, asking for certain details about my wife, whether I was really serious about using her as a sacrifice to The Devil, and indeed, if I was, whether my wife would be a willing participant or would have to be forced. I was thrilled and sent off a speedy reply, telling the guy all about how we’d come into this sort of thing, and how it excited my wife and I were when we spoke of such things. I told him how I’d advertised my wife without her knowledge, but that, although shocked when I told her, she had nevertheless been tremendously excited by what I’d done. I told him how I often, when we were fucking, told my wife how I would share her with other men, and how this talk excited her.

After quite a few messages back and forth, the guy suggested that the three of us meet. It was with some nervous trepidation that I told my wife of this guy and his proposal. She gave a gasp and expressed shock that I’d taken things that far, but straight away began asking about this guy and wanting to know every detail of what had been said between us. My next message to the unknown guy, detailed all of my wife’s reactions to the proposal, and everything that she’d said. It was then decided between us when and where we should meet. Margie was incredibly flustered when the time came, but I took note how she dressed carefully and spent time with her hair and her make up.

I knew that she was certainly ready for this sexy exploit, but at that stage I was still unsure whether she’d actually be willing to take things any further than just meeting with this guy. It wasn’t until we actually reached the cafe, that it occurred to me that this guy could turn out to be someone really sleazy that Margie, and perhaps even myself, wouldn’t want anything to do with, although from my own point of view, I was feeling so horny that I’d have been happy with just about anybody fucking my wife. I glanced around at the few other patrons. They were all couples or women, apart from just one guy, and he’d taken no notice of us as we’d entered. We were in fact somewhat earlier than the agreed upon time, so we settled down to wait. Margie was tremendously nervous, just a little flushed looking, and couldn’t stop fidgeting. I knew that it was a big step for her, and for both of us for that matter.