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And sometimes we can see tears in Lisa’s eyes at the moment of anal penetration. This site designed and intended SOLELY for ADULTS, people who are at least 18 years old, who are interested in and wish to have access to visual images and verbal description of a sexually oriented, erotic nature. Like a lot of subcultures, fandom members speak their own vernacular that can sound utterly impenetrable to outsiders. This glossary is supposed to be as general as possible. As in real life, slang is more likely to become attached to things that people prefer to discuss in euphemistic terms. FANDOM-SPECIFIC ACRONYMS Fandoms use acronyms for a lot of things. A few of these will be discussed in detail in the glossary, but there are also more general categories of acronyms.

People posting to a messageboard or talking in AIM will often save themselves from having to type a title over and over by abbreviating it: thus ‘Harry Potter’ is referred to as ‘HP’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ as ‘LotR’, and ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ as ‘PotC’. Star Trek’ series will be referred to as TOS, ‘Next Generation’ as TNG, ‘Deep Space Nine’ as DS9, and so on. Finally, somebody posting a link to a piece of fanfiction will often use acronyms to list which romantic relationships are explored in the piece. KAG marks a story about the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome. DM is a story pairing Harry Potter with Draco Malfoy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ fandom, a ‘Spuffy’ story is one that romantically links Spike and Buffy.

Yuki and Tohru as a couple. These consist of a series of clips from an anime series, set to a popular song. Also used mockingly to describe emotional situations in fanfiction that remind the reader of pubescent mood swings. The term has both a general and a specific meaning. Specifically, ‘an anime’ is the set of episodes of a weekly half-hour television show.

OMG’ and ‘LOL’ thrown in for no reason. The beginning of Hamlet’s soliloquy might be rendered in AOLese as: 2 B OR NOT 2 BE TAHT IZ TEH KWESTION OMG WHETHER IT IZ NOBLER IN TEH MIND 2 SUFFER TEH SLIGNS AND ARROS OF OUTRAJUS 4TUNE OR 2 TAKE ARMS AGIANTS A C OF TRUBBLES AND BYE OPPOSING ND THEM LOL. Unlike chatspeak or leetspeak, which are most often used by people who are either lazy or think it makes them look cool, AOLese is generally used ironically. The name is a tribute to the legendary cluelessness of the sterotypical AOL customer. This acronym labels a piece of fanfiction occurring in a world based on but slightly different from that of the source material. Like most fanfiction, they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Examples of Alternate Universes include a Star Trek story set in a universe ruled by the Borg, a Lord of the Rings story exploring what might have happened had Galadriel given in to the temptation of the One Ring and made herself Dark Empress of Middle Earth, or an Inuyasha story in which the characters are students in an American high school.