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Follow the link for more information. Moffat’s first television work was the teen drama series Press Gang. A lifelong fan of Doctor Who, Moffat’s first work on the series was the script of the parody episode The Curse of Fatal Death, which aired rose mcgown sex scene 1999.

When Doctor Who was revived in 2005, he wrote six episodes under executive producer Russell T Davies. Moffat has won several awards, mainly for Doctor Who and Sherlock, including two Emmy Awards, five BAFTA Awards and four Hugo Awards. Moffat was born in Paisley, Scotland, where he attended Camphill High School. The resulting series was titled Press Gang, starring Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher, and ran for five series on ITV between 1989 and 1993, with Moffat writing all forty-three episodes. During production of the second series of Press Gang, Moffat was experiencing an unhappy personal life as a result of the break-up of his first marriage. The producer was secretly phoning his friends at home to check on his state.