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Please contact the webmaster with any queries. Both of its main ‘teenaged’ pittsburgh sex offender were up-and-coming stars who were just beginning their careers and in their early 20s.

Their relationship included a revealing, realistic bedroom love-making scene in which they both displayed frontal nudity – in gigantic closeup – as the camera panned downwards. He tentatively removed her slip, while she removed his jeans, and they stood naked together, kissing before making love in the bed. Director John Mackenzie’s thriller, an adaptation of Graham Greene’s best-selling novel, “The Honorary Consul,” was set in the seedy provincial Argentinian town of Corrientes. During most of the film, Dr.

Plarr had a totally passionless affair with Clara, who spent most of her screen time pouting and half-naked in obligatory sex scenes, as the mistress of Plarr. By the film’s end, he was forced to re-examine the relationship. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, was now set in 1980s Los Angeles. 20 year-old sexpot Valerie Kaprisky in her American film debut.

The roles of the main two characters were reversed – this time it was an American fugitive romancing a French girl, rather than a French criminal dallying with an American girl. Las Vegas police and fled to Los Angeles. I don’t want to be afraid of life or anything else. I want a guy with spirit and guts. A guy who can laugh at anything, who will do anything, a guy who can kick over the traces and win the world for me. In the end, Monica contemplated that she would “roll the dice,” let go of the responsibilities of her life and join Jesse on his way to Mexico.

However, when she discovered she had been identified as “the girl in the pink dress” and had been taken as either a hostage or lover of fugitive Jesse, she decided to turn him into the police. I don’t want to love you. She then confessed to appease him: “I don’t love you” in order to get him to leave. Monica then watched as police surrounded him, and ran to him as he fatefully grabbed a gun on the ground and spun around — the film ended in a freeze-frame. WIP film was popular with drive-ins.

Many of the released versions of the film have since been heavily-censored, for violence and for some nudity. 80s – a combination of blaxploitation and sexploitation. Linda Blair who was nominated for a Razzie Award as Worst Actress of the year, while co-star Sybil Danning, nominated for Razzie’s Worst Supporting Actress, won the award. In the prison, she was faced with corruption, violence, and sexual degradation.

When Val left, she was approached by another inmate who stroked her hair and asked: “How ya doin’, sweet thing? Ericka: “She won’t bother you no more. You oughta have somebody take care of you. Doin’ time can get dangerous, even deadly. Spider in a bathroom stall, he called her a “pretty little Lolita. He grabbed her hair when she tried to escape from the locked office, slapped her, and menacingly approached, mumbling to himself: “I should be taping this goddamned thing.