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To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads. Those advertisers use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other apps and devices. All phobias are overcome fear of sex definition irrational. You were not born with a phobia—it had to be ‘conditioned’ into you.

Hypnotherapy for Driving Anxiety The fear of driving and of panic attacks while driving is surprisingly common and is a phobia we see quite often in our London and Birmingham hypnotherapy practice. Acute driving anxiety is closely related to agoraphobia, and may produce the same feelings of loss of control and panic. Driving is again calming me down instead of being a nightmare. It seems like a 180 degree turn. Though some people have suffered from the fear of driving for many years, others have gone most of their lives driving normally and with no apparent difficulty—and then suddenly anxiety and panic overtake them and they find themselves able to drive only with the greatest of difficulty, if at all. Needless to say, chronic and acute driving anxiety can be truly incapacitating, seriously affecting a person’s work and social life. Like all phobias, it is an irrational fear that often seems to spring from nowhere.

But like every other phobia its origin is in the past. Technically speaking, driving anxiety is a ‘conditioned response’. It is the result of a previous experience in which fear was subconsciously twinned with driving. This may have occured on a motorway or on any road. The person felt in danger while driving, and the subconscious then automatically associated the fear response with the activity of driving. The reflex installed, it can then be triggered any time the person is in a similar driving situation.

In the beginning it may be manageable, but often the driving anxiety increases with time, sometimes escalating to the point where the person is restricted to driving only on familiar roads, or those close to home. End Driving Phobia If you have become afraid of driving, do not despair. Once this is accomplished, those programs can be corrected and realigned with reality. The conditioned response is removed, so that you are free to resume your life in a normal and natural manner—free of the handicapping anxiety with which you have lived for so long.

If you or someone you care about is living with the fear of driving, the question that really needs to be addressed is: What is the real cost to your health, your career, and to your family life should you continue to be afraid of driving? Avoiding the issue indefinitely means resigning yourself to living in fear, missing out on priceless life experiences and living a life that is just a shadow of what it will be when the problem is permanently removed. Advanced hypnotherapy can help you end your driving phobia once and for all and allow you to once again drive with confidence. If you are experiencing fear of motorway driving or anxiety of driving on any road, call us on 0121 449 0659 now, and reclaim your right to drive with confidence.

All calls are treated in confidence. Birmingham hypnotherapy and hypnosis for fear of driving sessions are available during office hours, with some later appoinments available by arrangement. Free Callback Service Take advantage of our free call back service. This is a self-discovery test to help you discover the level of your unhealthy fears and how you may overcome them. Please understand that there is a difference between an awareness of real danger and an unhealthy fear. I do not fear rattlesnakes and have killed a number of them in my youth, but I don’t stick my hand in a dark hole under a rock where there may be a rattlesnake. Please check the appropriate answer with “0” being the weakest or none and “5” being the strongest fear.

Fear of snakes or other reptiles. Fear of being around dead people. Fear of what others may think about you. Fear of guns, knives or other weapons. Fear that God doesn’t love or accept you.