Msnbc sex slave

Msnbc sex slave’s behind Trump’s latest poll numbers? Lawrence: Something is wrong with Pres.

Former energy company executive Christine Hallquist made history Tuesday by becoming the first trans person to win a major party’s nomination for governor. The White House press secretary said Tuesday she’s never heard him say the word, though she acknowledged that she had never asked him the question directly. Olga winced as she drew back the bandage on her right breast, revealing an infected puncture wound that hadn’t healed since a man bit her in a fit of sexual rage. But the wound, for which the 19-year-old Moldovan lacked even basic medicine, is only a small part of Olga’s daily agony. For more than a year she has been held as a sex slave in this town in western Macedonia, where human trafficking flourishes and young girls are forced to endure the sexual whims of thousands of men.

But the cruel conditions under which she is held, and her deteriorating mental and physical health, compelled her to speak out. Her head hung in shame, Olga’s dark brown eyes welled with tears. She brushed back her long black hair, revealing a fair complexion flushed with anger at her fate. Olga was interviewed secretly by MSNBC.

An untreated bite wound on her breast became infected. Forced to have sex with as many as 10 men every day, Olga and other women clandestinely interviewed by MSNBC. Europe, insisted that their real identities not be revealed. Those brave enough to seek help have been savagely beaten — and sometimes killed — for trying to escape. Olga is one small cog in a huge transnational industry, and Macedonia is merely a way station on a path to bondage that begins in impoverished Eastern Europe and the chaotic states that emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union, and stretches to Western Europe, the Middle East and beyond. In Europe alone, officials estimate that more than 200,000 women and girls — one-quarter of all women trafficked globally — are smuggled out of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics each year, the bulk of whom end up working as enslaved prostitutes.

Almost half are transported to Western Europe. Roughly a quarter end up in the United States. The rapid rise of this sex slave trade can be traced to the fall of the Soviet Union, where borders once heavily guarded by the Red Army suddenly became porous and Soviet republics and Eastern European satellites once in the Kremlin’s grasp saw their industries and subsidies collapse overnight. Millions of young women like Olga came of age amid this economic misery.

Their childhood fantasies of a better life in the West soon became a human trafficker’s golden opportunity. Nowhere is this trafficking worse than it is in Moldova, Olga’s home, where experts estimate that since the fall of the Soviet Union between 200,000 and 400,000 women have been sold into prostitution — perhaps up to 10 percent of the female population. The numbers are staggering, but for Liuba Revenko of the International Organization for Migration in Moldova the bondage of the country’s young women has become routine. That creates a special race of women that are beautiful and in demand.

They are a good target for the traffickers. In Velesta, a town so small that the 120 Moldovan girls working as prostitutes there make up a sizeable part of the population, the sex slaves are rarely seen during the day. Rural Moldovan women, lacking education and desperate to escape, are easy targets, activists say. Sometimes the bondage is built around a debt that is impossible to pay off.