Milwaukee sex offender

A popular trope in horror is the isolated farmhouse, the remote village, where gruesome serial murders take milwaukee sex offender. Innocent victims stumble onto the site and are brutally tortured and slain. Shockingly the only thing flawed with this rendition is the setting.

The most notorious serial murders have not taken place in remote, out-of-the-way places, but right here among us, in cities and suburbs, often right next door. No urban areas are home to more serial murders than the Chicago and Milwaukee. These adjacent cities have contributed at least 85 killings to the grisly annals of torture-murders. While other killers have racked up more victims, the serial killers of Chicago and Milwaukee are among the most infamous. What’s more, many of the sites where they lived, worked and carried out their mayhem still exist. So I decided to take a look around.

Born to Raise Hell In March of 1966 a vicious 25 year old alcoholic by the name of Richard Speck left his home in Texas after having been arrested 42 times for crimes ranging from forgery and burglary to robbery and assault. In his first two months in his newly adopted home he raped and robbed a 65 year old woman and murdered a 32 year old barmaid. And he was just getting started. In Chicago Speck stayed with his sister, a former registered nurse, and her husband in their apartment at 3966 N. Speck’s brother-in-law attempted to get him employment with the merchant marine and Speck was waiting for an assignment when he got drunk at the Shipyard Inn at 10063 S. Speck broke in and wielding a knife, systematically raped and murdered eight student nurses. One escaped by hiding under a bed.