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All other people have a nice time watching! Rosary daily to keep your faith and save your soul. Be prepared: Mankind is entering the Great Tribulation: cataclysms, plagues, WW3, One World Order of the antichrist, to devastate our planet. I will refuse no one their chance to petition My Heart under this title. My special attention rests upon those devoted to Me as Refuge of Holy Love. Today, I ask clergy and religious to rely upon the Protectress of the Faith to safeguard the treasure of their vocations which are so greatly under attack.

Am I not the Mother of your Redeemer? I cannot let my children, redeemed by the blood of my Son, fall into the fear and the darkness that the world serves you in large quantities. My such dearly beloved children, respect for my commandments will be your salvation. I am with you and my Mother is with Me. I see in your hearts uncertainty and fear, but do you know why? Your spirit has been silenced and distanced.

My very dear children, how is it that you do not understand that your times have reached the end? Dear children, the day will come when many fervent in faith will retreat, for they will be afraid to testify to the faith because of the great persecution that there will be. I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer for what comes to you. Dear children, God has sent Me to you to tell you that this is the opportune time for your return. What you have to do, do not leave for tomorrow. Dear children, you are the Lord’s Possession. Do not allow your freedom to keep you from feeling the Presence of the Lord and His Inspirations for your lives.

The Lord needs men and women of courage. Son, so that in your hearts love for my Son may sing, because only out of that love peace comes in the soul. God called me to lead you to Him because He is your strength. My people, I am showing you in the vision another example of man’s pride. My people, I treat you as a mother because you are all of My creations.

It is when free will challenges or overrules My Will that sin wins out. Relief can come in many forms. It can be cool weather after oppressive heat. It can be peace amongst opposing parties. It can be food in the presence of starvation. It can be faith in the presence of disbelief. Whatever the situation, relief is a grace from Heaven.

I have chosen these times to lend support to the righteous whom are in the minority as I speak to you. My support is in drawing together My Remnant who must unite during these times. The enemy tries to sew division wherever he can. Children, often you do not grasp the significance of events in your midst.

So, it is, with My Patriarchal Blessing. I am Father of all Ages. I see into every heart – the needs and the desires. The world is undergoing a spiritual illness. My Power and Majesty reach from age to age. Hope and trust that I want the best for you.

I am with each soul in every situation. Trials come and go in each one’s life. Sometimes you see trials from a distance. I am the Creator of every present moment.