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Oliver Stone’s controversial costume-epic film documented the life of ambitious, bisexual Alexander julie delpy sex scene Great of Macedonia, known for his world domination and invasion-conquest of the Persian Empire in 331 BC. Stone blamed “raging fundamentalism in morality” in America for the film’s ultimate failure, claiming that the catchphrase “Alex is Gay” turned off potential audiences.

Charles Shyer’s film was a remake of the 1966 Michael Caine film of the same name, although now taking place in New York City. Catherine Breillat, exploring previously forbidden, obscene and disgusting topics. She explained her motivation: “Because I’m a woman. There, she performed various unusual acts to achieve “total intimacy.

She confronted his repulsion of women by investigating the inside of her body. You can’t deny what those black tufts remind you of with their shiny putrid hairiness. A just-hatched bird, still wet from the egg. After having vaginal intercourse with her during menstruation, she gushed her menstrual blood onto his member, resulting in a blood-drenched penis. He left and went back to a bar, where he bragged: “I reamed her pussy so hard, no one will want her again! He remorsefully returned to her abode at the end of the four days, where he found that the mattress was missing and she had left the bloody sheets.