Jon bon jovi sex

Jon Bon Jovi Once Appeared on ‘Sex and the City’ and His Character Was the Worst! Playing Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest de jour, Bon Jovi’s character was a seemingly nice guy named Seth that Carrie met in her newly minted therapist’s office, of all places! The pair eventually jon bon jovi sex out to dinner and for a moment, audiences were convinced that maybe Carrie had met a decent man.

Seth and Carrie end up back at her apartment where they decided to play Twister. First question, why does a grown woman own Twister? Second question, how are 30-something-year-olds this flexible? Naturally, Twister leads to twisting of a different kind.

So why are you in therapy, seriously? I’m really f–ked up about women. After I sleep with them, I completely lose interest. And there you have it, yet another man Carrie misjudged.