Improve my sex drive

In recent decades, scientists have been improve my sex drive concerned in the dropping testosterone levels in men across the globe, even young men in their twenties. Testosterone plays a big role in your libido and so with waning levels, your libido similarly takes a hit. Keeping testosterone levels optimal throughout life also positively correlates with optimal prostate functioning and decreased risk for prostate disease. Consider these 6 natural lifestyle strategies to support better hormone production, prostate and adrenal health!

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to routinely detox, because of overwhelming volume of toxins we are encountering on a routine basis. Because the prostate is a fatty gland, these toxins can often concentrate in prostatic tissue, potentially leading to prostate problems down the road. Consider regularly using the dry sauna, switching your plastics out for glass or stainless steel containers, and practice everyday detox strategies like herbal teas, alternating showers, and dry skin brushing to improve your body’s clearance of these items. Thus respecting nature’s cycle helps our bodies regenerate better and also help us optimize our hormonal production, if we sleep and wake at more ideal hours. This is generally between approximately 9:30- 10pm until 6 or 7 am. So, we also want to be well asleep during the majority of this time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also notes that the liver and gallbladder organs are most active between 11pm and 3am, which are both primary organs facilitating detoxification. Keeping the room as dark as possible will also help ensure a more restful, sound sleep too. Highly refined, sugary foods do major damage to our adrenals and eventually our testosterone production, as they continuous stress cortisol and insulin output, setting us up for insulin resistance, weight gain, and ultimately hormone imbalance. While men need some estrogen to stay healthy, we get into trouble when estrogen levels creep upwards from low, healthy norms and gaining extra fat weight is one major manifestation of this that happens to many men. Most of us are not getting enough regular, routine exercise to keep our circulation optimal, our livers and lymphatic systems draining toxins well, and our metabolism stoked! Remember to not overdo exercise though, as that can actually deplete testosterone and cortisol levels by over-training, which can happen with too much interval training, training for iron-mans, marathons, etc.

There are many great options here but some of my favorite and easy suggestions include: deep or yogic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, Qi Gong or Tai Chi, and meditation. There are many resources out there in both print and video, so if you’re unfamiliar, consider investing just a little time to purchase some to begin a regular practice of some stress reducing and adrenal building exercises. Such techniques can do wonders for calming stress and cortisol levels, supporting regeneration, and improving longevity! Just 5 to 15 minutes a day can make a significant difference! Many people, by the time they start looking for help with such issues are already quite depleted. DHEA and pregnenolone, supporting better energy and immune system vitality.