Fbsm sex

My name is CJ, and I’m an Erotic Massage Therapist. Fbsm sex if you don’t know what that is – I work in a massage parlor.

Ever drive by one of those places with a red neon sign that says “SPA” and wonder what goes on behind those blackened windows? Well I’m gonna tell ya my massage parlor secrets! I’ll teach you what a “Happy Ending” is and all the little tricks I use to give one. I got a question last week concerning what I know about FBSM.

Well honestly, I had never heard the term before so I looked it up. FBSM stands for Full Body Sensual Massage. I feel silly because technically FBSM is what I do for a living, but I practice just 1 aspect of it which is a full body massage followed by a hand release. I guess FBSM implies more of a sexual aspect including massage techniques specifically for the naughty bits. My technique basically consists of up, down, and repeat as necessary.

As for the “sensual” aspect, I don’t think taking my top off really qualifies. Occasionally I’ll be asked for what I call a “soft massage” where the massage consists mostly of caressing type motions. I may also get asked to pay special attention to the balls throughout the entire massage. However, I was actually introduced to some of the advanced techniques of FBSM a few years ago by a customer. Here I am doing this for a living, and now a customer is teaching ME some new tricks! So there I was spread eagle on the table with this guy’s face just inches away from my pussy.

With his thumb and index finger, he starts doing this wonderful massage of my inner thighs. I mean this guy knew what he was doing. Then he works his way up until he’s working the area from my taint to around and just over my lips. So he’s not actually touching my pussy or the lips, but just the areas around them. Let me tell you – it was INCREDIBLE. After several minutes of bliss, he asked me to do it to him. I figured it was the least I could do for putting me on a cloud.

Every time after that, I DEMANDED he do that special little massage for me. The first time, I swear I had trouble walking afterwards. It was funny because I had a boyfriend at the time and he noticed I was walking with a slight limp that night. What was I going to tell him – that it’s just a normal workplace accident for me?

Unfortunately for me, that customer is long gone. So what I’ve resorted to now is teaching it to a couple of my favorite regulars – guys that I know I can trust not to try and stick a finger in me. As for returning the favor I save that little gem for special occasions when I really want to demonstrate my appreciation of a customer. What about the boyfriend you ask? Well, I couldn’t exactly try it on him, now could I?

What was I gonna say – “Hey honey, Iay back and relax. Seriously, I’d love to do that to my wife. Well, you could tell your boyfriend that you learned it from a _female_ customer. Speaking of which, have you ever had a female customer that wanted a ‘happy ending’? If not, would you take a female customer that wanted a ‘happy ending’? Wow, sounds like a great massage, my wife love massage, especially, back then front. I think I may start experimenting!

An unhappy ending at that massage parlor what happened? I went to get a massage a night after work. Of course I was sore as well but as you probably realize I was looking for a package deal with the extras. Before anyone suggests that maybe the place I went to “wasn’t one of those places” let me cut you off and say that it so was.