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Anastasia in Red is Hot ! Veritable Hokum A comic about mostly history, maybe science, and probably some other stuff, too. Nun Nun is usually more of a place than a person, but he’s person sometimes too. Apep EDIT: An earlier version of this had Apep listed as Apophis, which was his name in Greek. Man, it seems like every pantheon has at least one giant snake. And it’s never a nice one, you know?

He had to be defeated to establish the cosmos itself, and still lurks beyond the edge of the world, ruining stuff. He’d mostly spend his days attacking the gods on Ra’s ship, and his nights getting hacked to pieces in the underworld. Aten I think Aten is totally fascinating. But that’s before a Pharaoh named Amenhotep IV, who was far too ambitious to settle for the paltry title of God-King. Like, they’d consider other folks’ gods to be about as real as their own.

Which probably explains why Akhenaten’s religion more or less died with him. A lot of goddesses who were imported from areas to the east of Egypt wound up incorporated in the pantheon as daughters of Ra, I think because the sun rises in the east? Atum Atum is usually depicted on a throne, sometimes with a ram’s head, and sometimes as an old guy leaning on a staff, and sometimes, as none of the above. Amun I swear that’s his actual hat. Ra as the big king deity of divinity itself, Amun-Ra. Mut Wife of Amun and mother of all the other gods, according to folks in Thebes.

I don’t think it’s totally clear how we got from there to an independently worshipped Mut, but by around 2000BCE it had happened. She was also the patron goddess of art and drunkenness. Sekhmet Sekhmet was the fire-breathing lion-headed goddess of war and violence, so it makes sense that most of her worship was about keeping her away. Sekhmet takes it too far and won’t stop killing everyone and rolling around in the oceans of blood she’s created. Bastet Bastet was a sort of motherly goddess, who took care of pregnant women and young pharaohs and guided dead people in the underworld. If you see a mummified cat in a museum, it probably has something to do with her. Maat A goddess of divine law and justice.