Died from sex

Earlier this month, Savage celebrated his 1-year anniversary with his new wife Lynn. Macho Man began wrestling died from sex the WWF in 1985 and became a superstar with his trademark catchphrase “Ooooooh Yeaahhhhh.

Savage was transported to Largo Medical center, where he died from his injuries. Savage’s wife was a passenger in the vehicle during the collision — but survived with “minor injuries. She was transported to a different local hospital where she was treated. According to officials, Randy and Lynn were both wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident. Cops say alcohol was NOT a factor. An investigation into the accident is underway.

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What the history books don’t tell you about, however, is the small handful of bull-headed people who’ve given their lives for causes that really didn’t matter to anyone but them. Here are six people who proved a very important point: It’s really easy to die doing something stupid. That he was both an awesome inventor and that the law of gravity simply did not apply to him. Reichelt’s “coat parachute,” pictured above, was supposed to function in the same way as a modern parachute.