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Better than average, worthy of attention. Average, perhaps with a few moments of interest. Below average, a show to avoid. 74 The opening of this show is not a good promotion for the Hawaiian tourist industry — a middle-aged guy gets drilled on the beach by one of the “People’s Attack Group,” right through his surfboard. The members of this revolutionary group are typically full of B.

Consol Oil Corporation on the Big Island, plants a detonator and explosives in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. He then threatens to cause an eruption which will result in lava pouring all over Hilo unless the Governor comes up with half a million bucks ransom to help pay off Brown’s debts. The Governor just happens to be visiting Kona. 74 Danny Goldman stars as Eddie Josephs, perhaps Five-O’s creepiest killer. He is described by English-accented psychiatrist Dr. Almost everywhere he is seen, Colby is accompanied by some hot-looking woman.

74 William Windom is Senator Harlan Henderson, suffering from a multiple personality order which makes him want to kill himself. Hobart, recently returned to Hawaii from a prison term on the mainland, will stop at nothing, even murder, to achieve his ends. 250,000 in loot from the robber for himself. 74 Leslie Nielsen stars as Colonel Farraday, owner of a 200,000-acre ranch on the Big Island, who takes the law into his own hands when his son and successor is found dead. Presumably this show was filmed at the 135,000-acre Parker Ranch, though this is not identified in the end credits.