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As they are able to perceive existence in a completely different and transcendent way, they can achieve things that are beyond the understanding of lesser beings, for example, a children’s toy built by them could be used as a dangerous, and unstoppable weapon by the lower races. User with this ability can use the powers of a deity or deities from mythology. Domain Warping: Besides these powers, if the user gains this power through Mythological Mimicry, the user gains a set of unique powers depending on the domain of the mimicked “deity”. Being transcendent may not mean the user is perfect. Users of Transcendent Negation can nullify their godhood.

Can be slain by users of Transcendent Weaponry, Divine Slayer and Omnislayer. May have specific limitations to the concept of their existence and universe. May be vulnerable to Divine Power Absorption, Divine Power Negation, Divine Energy Absorption. Winter in her realm and emissary of the North Wind. Embodiment of the Northern Winds, one of the four Cardinal Winds and one of the Great Powers. North Wind and the Big Bad Wolf.