Can you still have sex with hpv

What Men Should Know HPV is a virus that is very common. In fact, most men and women are can you still have sex with hpv with HPV at some time in their lives. HPV types that cause warts on the hands or feet do not cause genital warts or cervical cell changes, nor do genital HPV types generally spread outside the genital area.

Genital HPV is usually acquired by direct skin-to-skin contact during intimate sexual contact with someone who is infected. Most men and women are not aware that they have the virus. Condoms do not offer complete protection from HPV. Increasing numbers of partners increases the risk of getting HPV, but the virus is so common that having only a single lifetime partner does not assure protection. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus. Americans will contract HPV sometime in their lives. This means that anyone who has ever had sexual relations has a high chance of being exposed to this virus, but only a small number of women, and even fewer men, infected with HPV develop lesions that are detected or need to be treated.

In 2010, for example, the American Cancer Society estimates only about 2,000 cases of anal cancer will occur with men and that penile cancer will account for approximately 0. There is currently no treatment available for the virus itself. However, good treatments do exist for the diseases HPV can cause, such as cell changes or genital warts. Your health care provider will discuss these treatment options with you, if you need them. Not having sex is the only way to prevent HPV. Since HPV is so common, even those who have only had one partner can still get the virus.