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This is Charlene Brown’s website for horse show services. On this site you can find a benefit sex of horse shows in and around New England where Charlene will be the show secretary. From this site you can access prize lists, entry forms, directions, results, etc. Note: Charlene is not the secretary at the Dapper Dan Farm and Palmer River Equestrian Center horse shows.

Property of Charlene Brown Cinnbay Inc. TRUSTEE ELECTIONS IN 2018 Trustee elections are scheduled for Thursday, October 25, 2018. Police Department of the Rank of Investigator, Patrolman, or equivalent rank. The term will be effective December 1, 2018, through November 30, 2021. Annuitants of the Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund. An Application must be accompanied with a copy of your DD214. As life events occur, relocations, marriages, births, deaths, divorce, etc.

Pension Fund updated of any and all changes. Of particular interest is the cost-of-living increases available under this new legislation to those retired members with birth dates on or after January 1, 1955, and before January 1, 1966. Those members that have at least 20 years of service at retirement, have been retired for AT LEAST ONE year as of January 1, 2017, and have attained the age of 55 will be entitled to a 3. It is recommended that all retirees take advantage of having direct deposit. It is the safest and most secure method of receiving a monthly annuity on a known date. For retired members who have checks mailed directly, please be advised, mail date is four business days prior to payable date. The Fund has no control over the U.