Australian sex shops

Australia’s adult industry is changing, finding a new generation of liberated customers and losing the ‘dirty mac’ clientele. But australian sex shops brothels and sex shops become increasingly acceptable, they’re also reinventing their business models to stay relevant in an age of ubiquitous online porn. The flourishing adult retail sector in Australia is one of the more visible signs of Australians’ changing attitude to overt sexuality. It’s going to go the way of Blockbuster and those sorts of shops that have disappeared.

The model of shops has got to change. In Victoria a plethora of Sexyland stores have sprung up in the suburbs in the last decade, often situated side by side to hardware stores and pet food retailers. In Perth, it’s legal for adult stores to have street frontage shared with other ‘normal’ retail stores. Female-focused erotic shops with names like Honey Birdette and Passionfruit are part of the suburban shopping mall experience in NSW. Associate Professor Paul Maginn from the University of Western Australia has co-edited a new book, Suburban Sexscapes, that charts some of these changes. He says there’s been an increase in the number of adult shops, but they’ve also become more visible.

They’ve moved from the back streets into the main streets and into suburban shopping malls,’ he tells Life Matters. There’s also been a huge increase in the availability of pornography, particularly online. At the same time, commercial sex work has shifted from being street based to being primarily online as well. Did you know Life Matters is also a podcast?